Tuesday, May 27, 2008


To continue our exploration, first we need to understand what is aakasha?
and how to understand aakasha? aakasha is said to exhibit shabda guna. shabda gunakam aakasham. but our range of hearing i.e what human ears can percieve is in the range of 20- 20000 decibels, so there is sound which may exixst above 20000 or below 20, the difficuilty is we cant percieve. absence of perception doesnt mean that the thing is not exixting. sound exists , but cant be percieved, thats it. one more sole property in defining aakasha is "aprathighathatvam" , the term aphrathighathatvam means not hindering, .i.e allowing to go through without any obstruction, e.g from water flowing in pipe, to electrons jumping in orbit, and so on. we have to understand that everywhere aakasha exists, even in the midst of solid substances aakasha exists. it is a medium through which displacement occurs. in human body how to understand aakasha? acharya charaka in vimana sthana 5th chapter srotho vimanam has described wonderfully about the srothas , in that he has said the entire body is made up of srothas, so what is srothas? sravanath srothamsi- in which something flows, he has given synonym of srothas as kha, kha means aakasha mahabhuta. and he has wonderfully explained that all diseases are due to the abnormalities in srothas, and he has given 4 types of dusthi of srothas. permeability in cell membrane to blood circulation everything falls in this category.
as i said earlier about evolution of mahabhuta from aakasha to prthvi, the disease manifestation or vyadhi awasthas also form similair pattern. every roga starts with kha vaigunyam or vitiation of aakasha, as times goes on it invades and involves subsequent mahabhutas and when prthvi the last mahabhutha is affected the disease or vyadhi is said to attain gambheera awastha, remember prthvi is manifested kapha, and remember the quotation " prakruthasthu sleshma balam " kapha in its natural state is bala or strength , bala is closely related to ojas, hence the final stage of a disease is oja kshayam. ayurveda is not merely a set of old stories, it tells about some great facts and uses logic. knowledge of pancha maha bhutas are very essential for all of us for good clinical practice.

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